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泰国曼谷BIC医院 曼谷IVF中心

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Welcome to Bangkok IVF CenterS

欢迎来到曼谷 IVF 中心

Established in early 2003 at the BNH International hospital in Silom, Bangkok by a Group of Bangkok Infertility specialists and scientists with over a decade of experience in infertility treatments , Bangkok IVF center has been a clinic of choice for those who seeking a solution for Infertility treatments or PGD. Keeping up with the progress of fertility management in other part of the world and in co-operation with other infertile centers BIC can assure that even you are not able to follow the whole treatment program with Bangkok IVF center we can provide you with medical records and you just simply continue the rest of your treatment program at your hometown hospital.


Bangkok IVF Center creates families by leading the field of Advanced Reproductive Technologies, in-vitro fertilization, Cryopreservation, Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis, Assisted hatching and many more. Our well equipped lab and our team of skillful and dedicated embryologists makes us one of the best in the field.


Bangkok IVF Center's New Flagship clinic in Bangkok Lat Phrao will be in the Forefront of Cutting edge Fertility treatment in South east Asia With it's 14,000 Sq ft state of the art clinic Manned by the dedicated team of professionals headed by Dr. Viwat Chinpilas, Our new center will be an oasis of care for those who seek various fertility programs for which Bangkok IVF is always known for. 

曼谷试管婴儿中心的旗舰诊所位于曼谷Lat Phrao区,由Dr. Viwat Chipilas领导,占地1400平方尺,.它的技术设备处于东南亚同领域的最前端.。

Our team of well trained physicians, and medical personnel are ready to serve patients from all parts of the world. With our customer care team with the uncanny skill of exceeding expectations, you can be rest assured that you will receive the utmost care.Our Lab is well equipped, not only using the most advance equipment and technology, but also having a team of skillful and dedicated embryologists. 


Since our inception in 2003, we have performed numerous cycles of IVF/ICSI/PGS. With the help of latest cutting edge Assisted reproductive technologies, and manned by Clinicians with years of hands own experience in exceeding customer satisfaction, we were able to outperform our own success rate every year.


 In reality, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration to analyze the success or the failure of any IVF treatment. Possible reasons why a particular cycle treatment may fail include:

• Patient’s age
• Sperm and egg quality
• Failure to collect eggs
• Failure of implantation of the embryos

On an average, there is a 20% to 30% success rate associated with IVF.

In general women above 40 find it a little more difficult to conceive using IVF as the ovulation rate as well as quality of eggs decreases with age. Those who have had a normal delivery before or successful IVF births earlier have a greater chance of getting pregnant the second time over.

The IVF centre where the treatment is done also influences the success rate. Factors like size of the clinic, technical expertise of the team, type of equipments used, protocols for ovary stimulation, and transferring of embryos play an important role in inferring the overall success rate. At Bangkok IVF center we have an above average success rate since our inception in 2003. You may check our Statistics here。


    • 病人的年龄
    • 精子和卵子的质量
    • 不能取出卵子
    • 胚胎不着床


       BNH曼谷IVF中心在 Lat Phrao开设了新的旗舰诊所,占地14,000平方英尺。曼谷IVF中心将成为东南亚治疗生育的前沿先锋。我们有装备精良的实验室,不仅采用最先进的设备和技术,而且有一个熟练和专门的胚胎学家组成的团队。我们有训练有素的医生和医务人员队伍,随时准备为来自世界各地的患者提供悉心照顾,我们诊所这是你的家庭诊所医院,我们的医生是您的家庭医生。
作为BNH曼谷IVF中心,BIC Lat Phrao旗舰诊所背后不但有强大的BNH最为强大的后盾支持,在实际操作更胜BNH医院不孕不育专科,同样的运营模式,同样的医疗资源,同样的医疗团队,同样的服务水平,但确实完全不同的价格,BIC LatPhrao 价格比BNH整整少了2W人民币。并且与其他不孕不育中心不一样,BIC Lat Phrao向您保证,即使您不能够全程参与以及跟踪整个曼谷IVF中心的治疗方案,我们可以为您提供医疗记录,你可以在自己的城市的医院继续执行其他的治疗方案。



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